About Us

The idea behind Wiggles & Florence was conceived in the spring of 2012 by artist and designer Susan Robertson. Susan had studied at Farnham College of Art before moving to Mid-Wales where she continued to work, taking both inspiration and creativity from such beautiful rural surroundings. After producing a series of artworks featuring a variety of interesting properties pictured within their gardens, she thought some of the floral and horticultural elements may be ideal for decorating a small range of ceramics. There was such an enthusiastic reaction to the first mock-ups that it seemed like a good idea to make them available to a wider audience and hey-presto Wiggles and Florence was born.

The designs are all created by Susan from her home studio in an old Victorian kitchen garden in Mid-Wales and result in unique and charming products that will bring a fresh and vibrant look to any table. …..Oh yes, and just in case you needed to know - Wiggles & Florence were the names of two pet tortoises that Susan & her sister had as a children.